"The Tattletail"
Published in: Dark Wisdom #9
Reprinted in: Spin (Finland)
Tundra (Readercon 2009 promotional chapbook)
Every House Is Haunted
Date: May 2006 (Dark Wisdom)
May 2008 (Spin)
July 2009 (Tundra)
October 2012(Every House Is Haunted)
January 2013 (eShort)
Ordering: Every House Is Haunted

(Kindle) (iBooks) (Google) (Kobo) (Nook)
Notes: A story about a boy and his demon.

This was my first professional sale, what more can I say? The editor liked the story, said my writing was good and that I had talent, and the rest is history.

"The Tattletail" is actually part of a series of interconnected stories about the Smith family and their encounters with the supernatural. The original title, and the one I'll probably end up using if all of the Smith family stories are ever published in a collection, is "Tad and the Tattletail."
Reviews: "The Tattletail" by Ian Rogers was a funny piece about a boy who summons a demon for elementary school show-and-tell. This, in itself, is not strange at all, for the boy solicits advice from his father as if he were doing no more than making a greenhouse to grow bean sprouts in styrofoam cups. Yet when we learn the demon takes on the form of whatever it eats, the story gets interesting, with a strong ending rounding everything out. This is a close second to "Acceptable Losses" and only loses out because of its humor element, oddly-placed for a magazine featuring dark fiction." - SFReader.com

A positive review of the magazine in which "The Tattetail" is listed as one of the "notable" stories. - G-POP

Dark Wisdom #9

"Spin 2008-01"


"Every House Is Haunted"