Published in: Tor.com
Date: January 27, 2021
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Notes: I've always wanted to write a cabin-in-the-woods-style horror story. Both as a fan and as an homage to the best cabin horror film of all time, Sam Raimi's brilliant The Evil Dead.

That said, I didn't want to do anything typical or derivative. I wanted to take the cabin-in-the-woods idea and turn it on its head, do something different with it.

I thought, What if I started my story after the characters had gone to the cabin? What if most of them made it out alive and the real horror started when they got home, when they thought they were safe?

Not much else to say about it that won't spoil the story, except that the original title was "Certain Events at a Cabin in the Woods," which was probably a little too on the nose. Ellen Datlow asked me to come up with something else, so I decided to go with "Shards."
Reviews: "A perfectly told story. It unfolds in just the right way."