Published in: Murky Depths #7
Date: January 2009
Ordering: Murky Depths
Notes: A psychic assassin is forced to confront disturbing memories of his past while working on an assignment in Amsterdam.

Reviews: A psychic detective/hitman is able to detect the ‘Psong’ or inner history of inanimate objects in Ian Rogers’ moody tale. This special talent, like many, is both blessing and curse as he targets a high-profile hit. A second strand involves his recent break-up and the emotional consequences that particularly afflict him, leading to a swirl of action and introspection that made this more than just a tale of assassination. — Science Fiction Crowsnest

“Psong” by Ian Rogers follows a psychic contract killer. He uses his power for his job and for other more important things. All in all, Rogers contributes a good story here. — SFRevu
"Murky Depths #7"