"The Nanny"
Published in: Nossa Morte #3
Reprinted in: Every House Is Haunted
Date: May 2008 (Nossa Morte)
October 2012(Every House Is Haunted)
January 2013 (eShort)
Ordering: Every House Is Haunted

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Notes: "The Nanny" is a ghost story with a hint of sf that takes place in my fictional town of Silver Falls, Ontario.

This story is actually supposed to take place ten to fifteen years in the future. I was going for an eXistenZ kind of vibe, the idea being that a few years down the road there would be an entire industry devoted to dealing with the supernatural, that Jodie was licensed with some sort of guild, etc.

I ended up removing all of the references because while they were somewhat entertaining, they didn't have anything to do with the actual story. The only thing I left in were Jodie's ghost goggles, which were kind of important to the plot, and could probably be passed off as some sort of top secret present-day gadget.

Speaking of references, there are two movie references in "The Nanny," one about Poltergeist and one about The Amityville Horror. Can you find them?

Reviews: "The Nanny" received an honourable mention in Best Horror of the Year, Volume One.
"Nossa Morte #3"

"Every House Is Haunted"