"Everything Gets Bigger After Nuclear War"
Published in: Fall and Rise (Whortleberry Press)
Reprinted in: Best Tales of the Apocalypse (Permuted Press)
Date: March 2007 (Fall and Rise)
October 2013 (Best Tales of the Apocalypse)

Fall and Rise
Whortleberry Press

Best Tales of the Apocalypse
Permuted Press (trade paperback, eBook)

Notes: This story was originally written for another anthology that was eventually cancelled. On the day I got the news, I sent the story back out. Three hours later it was accepted again, and here we are.

This story is my vision of Peterborough, Ontario(the town where I live), after nuclear war. Instead of doing a Mad Max riff on road gangs, I moved the action to the water – specifically the Trent-Severn Waterway.
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"Fall and Rise"

Best Tales of the Apocalypse