Published by: Stonebunny Press
Date: June 2011
Ordering: Trade Paperback



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ISBN: 978-0986854743
Synopsis: “...what happened to them is about as close to killin’ as day is to night. Those steers was ripped to pieces.”

No one knows who or what is killing the cattle at Groom ranch, but Sam Dryden, with his supernatural greenwood gun, and Raisy, with her ‘deck’ of knives, are determined to find out. What they discover is more horrifying than either of them ever dreamed, and the secret may be one that takes them to the grave.

Seasoned with a dash of horror and a pinch of sci-fi, Deadstock is a tasty dish just waiting to be devoured
Notes: Deadstock is my first Weird Western, which is a story that combines elements of the Old West with horror and/or science fiction. Take a look at movies like Near Dark, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Cowboys and Aliens. Those are Weird Westerns.

Deadstock is about a pair of mysterious wanderers who come to the town of Ashes, Nevada, to investigate a series of cattle mutilations. Samuel Dryden is a quiet young man who packs an odd gun with greenwood grips, while his companion, a redheaded firecracker named Raisy, carries a “deck” of knives.

Deadstock is not intended to be a one-off. If the interest is there, I plan to write more stories featuring Dryden and Raisy and their adventures in the Wild (and Weird) West.


"A highly recommended read for fans of ghouls, zombies and old west supernatural tales and not as graphic as one would expect. Kudos for the writer."

Dana Bell @ Sonar4 Landing Dock Reviews
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"There are so many elements to this tale that make it worth reading, and even if you’re not a fan of Westerns or think you won’t like this, trust me - you will. Rogers is adept at painting a convincing terrain and he knows exactly how to suck a reader into an awesome story."

Darkeva @ Hellnotes
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"The novella captures the West with descriptive details of the desert, the small town, and the Groom ranch. The dialog also echoes what we have come to expect from western-speak without relying on clichés. Because the visage of the old west looms so large and accurate, the sci-fi and horror elements work within the framework to create a good counter-balance between the normal west and the weird west. Deadstock is a welcome addition to the Weird Western tradition. Dryden and Raisy can be placed with confidence alongside Joe R. Lansdale’s Jonah Hex, Ray Krank’s Ghost Rider, and Lon Williams’ Lee Winters. I look forward to further rides into the Weird West with Ian Rogers."

Anthony Servante @ The Black Glove
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“…it’s fast paced gripping tale, that will hook you on page one and keep it’s claws in you until you turn over the final page. Seriously folks Ian Rogers has a great talent for writing highly entertaining stories.”

Ginger Nuts of Horror
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"Proper setting and placement are absolutely essential to the well being of a well crafted Weird West novel. If these things aren’t handled properly, the author stands on the precipice of another genre altogether, namely Steampunk. Rogers handles this task brilliantly and expertly, keeping the realism directly steeped in a properly historical context, and limits himself to that time periods alone. Add the weight of a supernatural element and BAM! what you have in your grubby little hands is one of the best Weird West pieces you’ll ever read."

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"Ian Rogersí novella Deadstock is a fast-paced read set in a western outpost town with magic, mayhem, and mystic weapons. Like most Wild West narratives, this Weird West tale pits humanity against a forbidding and hostile environment with characters that are just too stubborn to die no matter what dangers they face."

Speculating Canada
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