"The Dark and the Young"
Published in: Bound for Evil (Dead Letter Press)
Reprinted in: Every House Is Haunted
Date: February 2008 (Bound for Evil)
October 2012(Every House Is Haunted)
January 2013 (eShort)

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Notes: Like "Inheritor," this is one of my earlier stories. It also has one of my favourite openings:

Human innocence in its purest form is a newborn child. It usually wears off in six to eight weeks.

How can you not like a story that starts off like that?

"The Dark and the Young" is about a woman hired by a shadowy organization to translate the text of an artifact known simply as Black Book. Lots of babies, lots of monsters, and a guy named Thumper.

Reviews: "The Dark and the Young" received an honourable mention in Best Horror of the Year, Volume One.

Bound for Evil was nominated for a 2008 Shirley Jackson Award in the category of Best Anthology.
"Bound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad"

"Every House Is Haunted"