"Charlotte's Frequency"
Published in: Horror Library, Volume 2 (Cutting Block Press)
Reprinted in: Every House Is Haunted
Date: March 2007 (Horror Library, Volume 2)
October 2012(Every House Is Haunted)
January 2013 (eShort)

Cutting Block Press
Horror Mall
ISBN 978-0-9778262-2-3

Every House Is Haunted

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Notes: This is one of the very first stories I ever wrote, and remains one of my favourites, as well.

I think every writer of scary tales has to take a crack at certain well-known archetypes, like the haunted house, the premature burial, or in this case, the spider story.
Reviews: "Charlotte's Frequency" by Ian Rogers has a science fiction slant. Morris, all set to enjoy his newly purchased big screen TV, instead discovers a modern-day Charlotte, a la Charlotte's Web, feeding off something far worse than the crickets living around the water heater. Morris and his wife, Jude, both start to feel sick, weak, and dangerously vulnerable. Charlotte herself seems to be half organic and half electronic, spinning webs that feed off electricity and the people around her. This fable, however, doesn't end with three happy children and their anthropomorphic porcine friend. On the cutting edge of today's hi-tech world, stories like "Charlotte's Frequency" will drag horror kicking and screaming into the new century. – The Fix

The pleasant surprise with the Horror Library is that in addition to stories covering familiar territory, as seen in John Rector’s "A Season of Sleep" and Kevin Donihe’s "Preacher Mike and the Black Cross Revelation ," there are also original ideas that result in enjoyable tales, such as "Charlotte’s Frequency," by Ian Rogers. – The Monster Librarian
"Horror Library - Volume 2"

"Every House Is Haunted"