"Cabin D"
Published in: Supernatural Tales #17
Reprinted in: Every House Is Haunted
Date: April 2010 (Supernatural Tales)
October 2012 (Every House Is Haunted)
January 2013 (eShorts)
Ordering: Supernatural Tales

Every House Is Haunted

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Notes: "Cabin D" received an honourable mention in The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 3 edited by Ellen Datlow.

As a fan of haunted house stories, I've tried my hand at writing a few of my own over the years.

I always try to put my own spin on the trope, in this case using a haunted building not so much as a place where bad things happen as a bad thing in and of itself. A structure that simply wants to kill the people who enter it.

Check out the story and see for yourself. No reservations necessary.
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"Every House Is Haunted"