Every House Is Haunted

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"...an imaginative and original writer with the skill to fully execute his plots."

— Publishers Weekly

"...the 22 stories in Rogers's debut collection demonstrate the author's talent for finding the terrifying in the seemingly ordinary... This work of classic horror in the style of Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson, and early Stephen King should attract fans of a more refined kind of horror."

— Library Journal

"His best stories resemble the work of Joss Whedon: contemporary fantasy in which quirky characters confront the uncanny with deadpan aplomb and an appealing degree of competence..."

– Quill & Quire

"Ian Rogers' stories are old-fashioned in the very best sense: classic chillers in the spirit of Shirley Jackson and Richard Matheson. Every House Is Haunted is full of well-crafted, satisfying twists, a fine companion for any reader of literate horror."

— Andrew Pyper

SuperNOIRtural Tales

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"Wry and stylishly bizarre... I hope he's on the job for years to come."

— Laird Barron

"...dialogue and description that snaps."

Norman Partridge

"Truly, this is one of the most chilling horror stories I’ve read in years. Make that, that I’ve read period."

— Jeffrey Thomas

"Rogers continues to engage and intrigue with his trademark cross-over of the supernatural mystery.... [his] writing has a cinematic quality that is fully immersive."

— Bloody Bookish